Puck Futin Initiative Results

Puck Futin Initiative Results

Ukrainian brewery Pravda shared five of their brewing recipes and invited breweries from around the world to brew for the Ukrainian cause.

Inspired by Pravda’s spirit, and for reasons very close to home, South Australian trio, Prancing Pony Brewery, Barossa Valley Brewing, and Route 9 Distillery, joined forces in March to brew their Red Eye Ale aptly renamed ‘Puck Futin’.

The activities of the Puck Futin project collectively resulted in a donation of $33,048 from the 3 entities involved.

The funds were channelled into medical and humanitarian aid provided by charities including MSF, UNHCR and the Ukrainian charity ‘Free and Indifferent’, which works closely with Pravda brewery to provide support for displaced people in Ukraine. Funds were also provided to the Ukrainian Society in SA, to support newly arriving refugees in South Australia.

On behalf of Prancing Pony Brewery, Barossa Valley Brewing and Route 9 Distillery, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported the initiative and made this incredible outcome possible.

Donations made by Prancing Pony Brewery:
MSF: $5,000
UNHCR: $5,000
Free and indifferent Ukraine: $11,998.80

Donations made by Barossa Valley Brewing:
South Australian Ukrainian Association: $1,500
MSF: $1,100
Free and indifferent Ukraine: $1,108.40

Donations made by Route 9 Distillery
South Australian Ukrainian Association: $7,341

Total donations: $33,048.20



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