A Guide to XPA Beer

A Guide to XPA Beer

If you keep a keen interest in developments surrounding the beer world, you would have heard the style ‘XPA’ thrown about a lot over the last few years. XPA stands for Extra Pale Ale, and as their name suggests, they are pale ales that have the X Factor! XPAs don’t fit into either the India […]

Vegan Beer: How Do You Know If Beer Is Vegan?

Vegan Beer: How Do You Know If Beer Is Vegan?

If you’re wondering how difficult it is to find vegan beer, you’ll feel relieved to discover it’s not. Most beers are vegan. Beer is typically prepared from barley malt, water, hops, and yeast, making it suitable for most vegans. Unfortunately, there are some styles that use non-vegan finings in their brewing process, which means that […]

What You Should Know About Dark Beers

What You Should Know About Dark Beers

Dark ale… a beer that is dark brown or almost black in colour can intimidate many beer drinkers. However, the distinct characteristics of this brew has made it very popular throughout the centuries and you will find most pubs or breweries will carry at least one dark or black beer. Some believe that dark ale […]

What Differentiates IPA Beer From APA Beer?

It can sometimes feel a little overwhelming seeing the many different styles of craft beer available to us. With terms like NEIPA and Hazy Pale thrown around, it can be intimidating trying to navigate the world of craft beer. Understanding the broad categories of craft brews, such as India Pale Ales (IPAs) and American Pale […]

A Beginners Guide to Pale Ale Beer

Beer has many lovers and loyalists across the globe. A staple on almost every bar menu, you’ll most probably never find yourself in a restaurant or venue without at least a basic brew on offer. Beer appears in many styles and varieties, with its most well-known arguably being the infamous pale ale. Originating from England, […]

IPA Beer – An Ultimate Guide For Beginners

It’s hard to walk past the craft beer section at a bottle shop and not see three specific words: India Pale Ale. For the uninitiated, India Pale Ales (IPAs) are craft beers that can be bitter, flowery, earthy, citrusy, piney, and fruity beers, all in one. IPAs differ according to the ingredients used in their […]

The Best Beers to Gift (And Drink) This Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time to sit back and enjoy cold beer with friends and family, especially if you’re Down Under! If you’re going to a Christmas bash, bringing some of the best Australian beer will definitely earn you some brownie points. Craft beer also makes for the perfect gift. So, whether you’re buying for […]


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