NEW Oktoberfest Beers

This September, Prancing Pony Brewery are bringing you not one, but THREE beers in celebration of Oktoberfest. The Dunkel (Dark Lager), Hefeweizen and Helles (similar to a lager), will be released at the end of September, and available in great bottle shops around South Australia and Victoria, as well as on tap at a variety of venues around SA.

Find on tap:

Helles Lager on tap: 

Nola, The British Hotel, Harry’s Bar, Earl of Leicester, The GOV, La Boca Bar and Grill, Bridgeport Hotel 

Dunkel on tap: 

Nola, Oktoberfest Hahndorf event, Harry’s Bar, Earl of Leicester, West Thebby Hotel, The GOV, Hagens Arms Echunga, Hains & co, Mount Barker Hotel  

Hefeweizen on tap: 

Nola, Harry’s Bar, Earl of Leicester, The GOV, Hains & co, Bridgeport Hotel  

About the beers:

Helles: A pale lager brewed in the style of a traditional Munich Helles, first created in 1894. Golden in colour with low hop bitterness, complemented by the fresh and slightly toasted malt aroma and flavour. Balanced with delicate hints of flowery, herbal noble hop notes. Refreshing and crisp, but not dry. 

Hefeweizen: An ale by nature, golden in colour with a big white head, boasting aromas of banana, fruity citrus and hints of spicy cloves. This traditional style reminds us of home back in Germany. Nothing beats the big brass bands in the Oktoberfest tent, the smell of pork knuckles and Bretzels in the air, and the crazy times in Lederhosen. Let the good time roll. Oans, zwoa, g’suffa! (One, two, drink!) 

Dunkel: A Bavarian dark lager that predates the ‘Helles’. It is the original brunette brew of Bavaria. A simplistic, wholesome, full-bodied malt-forward dark lager. Flavours of dark bread, mocha, and chestnuts are complemented with a crisp hop finish. Low in bitterness. Immensely drinkable. The Pony rendition of the original – unfiltered, unpasteurised, and undiminished. 



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