The Best Beers to Gift (And Drink) This Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time to sit back and enjoy cold beer with friends and family, especially if you’re Down Under! If you’re going to a Christmas bash, bringing some of the best Australian beer will definitely earn you some brownie points. Craft beer also makes for the perfect gift. So, whether you’re buying for a friend, family member (or yourself!), explore our Prancing Pony Brewery top picks this silly season.

8 of the Best Beers to Gift This Christmas

A good craft beer is a delight when accompanied with a delicious festive meal. Prancing Pony has some fantastic options for every set of taste buds. No matter who you’re buying for, you’re bound to find the perfect craft brew at Prancing Pony.

1. Hopwork Orange

Our Hopwork Orange is, as its name suggests, quite a hop forward Pale Ale. In your first sip of this Australian craft beer, flavours of orange, pine and tangerine will start to dance on your palate. This is further elevated by hints of malty caramel, helping to strike the perfect balance of flavours.

For the perfect gift and the perfect beer to drink on Christmas day, try Prancing Pony’s moreish Hopwork Orange Pale Ale this summer.

2. The Piper West Coast IPA

Our West Coast IPA looks like liquid gold, and tastes like it too! The Piper is among the hoppiest beers on Prancing Pony’s beer line-up, but don’t let this scare you. Citrus, pine, biscuit and caramel malt flavours balance the hops to make this Australian craft beer an absolute pleasure to drink.

If you love hoppy beers, The Piper will pipe you up rather than down, and will certainly leave you wanting more.

3. Blaze of Haze

Our Blaze of Haze is super easy-going and refreshing, perfect for craft beer drinkers and dabblers alike. This Hazy Pale’s hop aroma is moderate to high, with flavours of strawberry, gooseberry, and blackberry making themselves known. Expect some slight citrusy notes too, with toasty oat and a creamy mouthfeel from the malt profile.

Prancing Pony’s Hazy Pale beer is an excellent choice if you’re new to craft beer or planning to gift a loved one craft beer this festive season. The smooth bitterness of this brew will convert any beer drinker, so we urge you to give our Blaze of Haze a try!

4. India Red Ale

A true champion! We’re not lying, this Prancing Pony beer won the “Best Beer in the World” title in 2016 at The International Beer Challenge in London. Declared the Supreme Champion Beer, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not trying our India Red Ale.

The India Red Ale is large and in charge. Malty, tropical, creamy and wonderfully red in colour, grab an Indian Red Ale carton before the silly season is over and try the best Australian beer for yourself. With an IBU of 60 and a 7.9% ABV, you can leave a lasting impression on whoever you’re gifting this brew to.

5. Pale Ale

Our Pale Ale is full-bodied and easy to drink. The brewers at Prancing Pony use tropical Australian hops to enhance the earthy flavours, making this craft beer a little citrusy. Our pale ale is a well-rounded brew, striking the perfect balance of soft spice and malt.

With an IBU of 38 and 5.5% alcohol content, our Australian Pale Ale is great to drink all year round. And as the days are getting warmer and longer… we think this time of year is the perfect excuse to try this classic Australian craft beer.

6. The Stage Roadie

If you’ve been nominated designated driver, the Stage Roadie will be your best friend this summer. With an ABV of 3.4%, the lower alcohol content of this mid-strength craft beer makes it the perfect beverage to enjoy over long afternoons.

The Stage Roadie has delicate tropical flavours with pineapple aromas that make it is crisp and clean, perfect to cleanse your palate after any meal.

7. Dizzy Donkey Apple Cider

Craft beer not quite your cup of tea? We also produce a delicious cloudy apple cider at Prancing Pony – perfect for those who may not love beer as much as we do! Perfect for a warm summer’s day, our Dizzy Donkey Apple Cider is juicy, refreshing, and delectable.

8. 12 Days Of Christmas – Mixed Beer Pack

Want to experience Prancing Pony’s core range? Try our 12 Days of Christmas – Craft Beer Gift Pack. This Christmas Gift Pack features our Blaze of Haze Hazy Pale, The Zeppelin NEIPA, India Red Ale, Hopwork Orange Pale Ale, Sunshine Ale (Summer Ale), Australian Pale Ale, Stage Roadie Mid-Strength, XPA Session Ale, The Piper West Coast IPA, American Amber Ale, Pony Lager,and Double Black Cascadian IPA. Explore the Pony rainbow with this beer hamper and try our top picks. Prancing Pony’s Beer Gift Pack will also make for the perfect gift this festive season!

Enjoy the best beer with your festive celebrations and make your Christmas more memorable this year. Prancing Pony beers make great gifts and are the perfect companion at any Christmas gathering. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t dance about here and there, prance over to Prancing Pony’s online store and get that beer gifting game strong! Our unique flavours and meticulously crafted beer recipes ensure that Prancing Pony beers are a banger for any occasion.



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