Limited Edition Gift Pack


Each gift pack contains 2 each CANS OF 2020 LIMITED EDITION:

  • 2 of Purple Velvet Christmas Beer – NEW
  • 2 of Hunt for Red Velvet
  • 2 of Double Zeppelin NE IPA
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Purple Velvet 375ml.   5.2% ABV  32 IBU

‘Lebkuchen’, a sweet-spicy traditional German Christmas cookie sold at Christmas markets. Our beer version is a hopped-up variant of a traditional Dark Hefeweizen. Combining a distinct chocolate malt sweetness, typical ‘Hefe’ banana, and clove characters with some spicy hops lending additional flavours of fruit, berries, vanilla and herbs.

Double Zeppelin  375ml. 8% ABV  70 IBU

A stronger, hoppier and more citrusy version of our popular Zeppelin. The Double Zeppelin is hazy, bold but smooth. Like the clouds, a real Zeppelin is gliding through on a voyage to a faraway places, stirring up images of tropical islands and run-away ponies.

Hunt For Red Velvet.  375ml. 9.6% ABV 62 IBU

Developed for GABS 2017, touted as a long-range flying carpet, propelled by a new top secret fuel, codenamed Black Forest Cake Liquor, because that’s what it tastes like. Awarded Gold at the London International Beer Challenge.

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