Hopwork Orange Mini Keg 2 pack


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Hopwork Orange Mini Keg 2 pack

The Hopwork Orange Mini Keg 2 pack contains x2 Hopwork Orange 5L mini kegs, perfect for Pale Ale for hop lovers.

Pleasant hop flavours and aromas of orange, tangerine, mango, and a touch of pine; well-balanced by a moderate caramel maltiness. 

Medium bodied and bitterness for a dry finish.

This is the go-to beer for matching beautifully with any food. The perfect item to bring along to a party, or simply to share amongst friends.  

This Pony is well-balanced, fruity and moreish.

ABV 4.8% | IBU 52

Mini kegs are 5L each.

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Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 19 × 35 × 27 cm