Product recall of Prancing Pony’s Cloudy Apple cider

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Dizzy Donkey Batch 14 BB 1/12/21

We would like to advise you that we have instigated a Product recall of our Dizzy Donkey Cider Cloudy Apple in 375ml cans.  The product Batch #14, with a best before date 1/12/21, which can be found on the rim of the can.

We have initiated the product recall as a precautionary measure due to suspected over-carbonation of the product, most likely caused by secondary fermentation process of the product, after it was canned.  In accordance with our quality control measures we are recalling Batch #14 from distribution and the trade.

The affected product has been available for sale in South Australia. We have notified our relevant authorities in accordance with our established product recall plan.

Customers that may have purchased the above product from Liquor stores are encouraged to contact the brewery as soon as possible, so that a return of purchase can be arranged. A full refund or replacement shall be provided on the return of the recalled products.  All cans should be handled carefully, in particular if the cans display bulging as the can may rapture. For disposal instructions please contact the brewery.

Prancing Pony Brewery is committed to the quality of its products and the safety of its customers. Unfortunately, in this case we have not detect this early enough as part of our quality procedure and as such this product has been distributed and needs to be recalled.  We take full responsibility for this incident.

No other Prancing Pony products of other batches of Prancing Pony Cider are affected by this recall. We would like to assure and declare our commitment to providing our customers and consumers with high quality Product and we apologise to our trade partners and consumers for any inconvenience this has caused.

If you have any questions please contact our brewery on 08 8398 3881 or via email on info@prancingponybrewery.com.au

Frequently Asked Questions

What product is being recalled?

The product being recalled is the Dizzy Donkey Cider in cans Batch 14 with a best before date of 1/12/2021

Why is this product being re-called?

The product has been recalled as a precautionary measure to ensure that customers get the best experience of our product.  The product is over-carbonated and we belief that this may have been caused by a secondary fermentation reaction after the canning of the cider.  This over-carbonation causes the can to expand and potentially rupture.

Where can I find the batch number and date code?

Both the batch code and the date code is found on the neck of the can and appears as #14 BB 1/12/21.  On cartons, there is an ink stamp on the carton which reads.

Dizzy Donkey Cider # 14 BB 1/12/2021

What happens if I have had some of this cider?

On inspection, the cider appears unspoiled however we do not recommend that the cider is drunk due to over carbonation and to a higher alcohol level than stated on the can label. All cans should be either returned to the brewery or point of purchase or destroyed if the cans display any signs of bulging or expansion. Expansion of a can leads to rupture of the can and spilling of the content. If cans are left in the sun, it has the potential to explode the cans.

How do I handle expanding cans?

Any can that shows any level of expansion should be treated very carefully.  We suggest the wearing of gloves while handling the can.  Cans that have expanded should be photographed, then wrapped in a towel and gently placed in a rubbish bin.  The picture is useful for traceability of the product and to initiate the replacement/credit process.

How do I claim my refund or replacement and where?

Replacement of product or a refund will be arranged on product hat has been returned to the brewery or retailer.  Please contact our brewery to assist you with this process.

For more information, please call 08-8398 3881.

For any concerns about the product recall, please email our brewery info@prancingponybrewery.com.au


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