Pink Boots Pony Collaboration Beer launch

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On the 11th of July, 27 females got together to brew a Pink Boots Society Collaboration brew at the Prancing Pony Brewery in the Adelaide Hills.

The Pink Boots Society was founded in 2007 by Teri Fahrendorf while travelling to visit breweries in the USA. The Pink Boots Society is a not-for-profit organisation to support women that derive an income from the brewing Industry and has over 5,000 members world-wide and the Australian chapter comprises of around 400 members.  Each year, breweries support Pink Boots activates to raise money from beers brewed in Collaboration.

A collaboration brew day was organised by Eden Pink, SA State Coordinator of the Pink Boots Society with help from Corinna Steeb, Vice President of the Pink Boots Society.

A Pink Boots Collaboration brew encourages women in the brewing Industry to collaborate and share information and to encourage professional development.

To make the day special, Richard Dube from the Seibel Institute in Chicago provided a sensory session as part of the professional development program. Daniel McCulloch provided some insight on yeast propagation and Rachelle Rochecouste from Ellerslie Hop talked about hop properties.

And what a day it was, starting with a hearty breakfast courtesy of Prancing Pony, the brewday was embraced by everybody that attended with stories shared on all things brewing and a beer or two shared to celebrate diversity.

Now to the Beer.  A hop-forward, awesomely delicious Amber Ale.   Made from Coopers Ale Speciality malt, blended with some Cara for caramel, toasty and roasted flavours and a deep amber colour.  Hop flavours of citrus, peach, apricot and pineapple with a touch or resinous flavours come from the use of Chinook, Eureka and Denali, with hops added mainly in the whirlpool and for dry hopping.  The end result is a slightly drier mouthfeel so the hop can shine through.

Aptly named ‘Hop My Chinook’ the brew- day was sponsored by Ellerslie Hops, Coopers Brewery, Bintani, Lallamand and kegstar with all ingredients and the use of kegs supplied at no cost.

The proceeds from this brew will be donated to the Pink Boots Society in support of up to 4 Scholarships competitively awarded to females in the Industry to attend the BrewCon National Conference in Melbourne.

The Pink Boots beer will be launched on Sunday 25th of August across 3 States and will be tapped at the following venues.

SA venues: Prancing Pony Brewery, Lot 100, Smiling Samoyed Brewery, Sweet Amber, Pirate Life, Wheatsheaf Hotel

NSW venue: The Forest Lodge Hotel

WA venue: Balmoral Hotel, Pica Bar, Pirate Bar, The Flying Scotsman, Whitfords Brewing Co

We thank all the sponsors, participants and participating venues as without you, this would not have been possible.

Corinna Steeb (Vice President Pink Boots)

CEO and Co-Founder Prancing Pony


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