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Who we are

The Ponies at the Prancing Pony Brewery love beer and proudly operate as an Independent Brewery in the Adelaide Hills. We believe in people making beer for people and building a community.

The story of the Pony goes back, when our Co-founder and Head Brewer, Frank had a batch of his home brew boil over on the stove. Corinna, his wife, now CEO of the Prancing Pony, then banished him to the shed as a result. By then, Frank already had a fictitious brewery called ‘Prancing Pony Brewery’ in his head when gluing labels to each bottle he filled. He probably did all this to impress Corinna.

What we brew and How we brew?

We are an ‘all grain and all hop’ brewery, which means we brew our beers using  malt, hops, yeast and water, only.

All of our beers have won medals and trophies however, the pinnacle for us was winning   ‘Supreme Champion Trophy’ at the International Beer Challenge in London in 2016 for our India Red Ale and best small Australian Brewery in 2015.

Beer production – unfiltered and untamed

We brew our beers traditionally, applying the principle of creating big flavours from the basic beer ingredients.  We don’t add preservatives or adjuncts, and we don’t use any animal products in our beer making process. We don’t filter them either, so all the good stuff stays in. At the Pony, all bottling and kegging is done in-house, so all processes are controlled.

Core Can Range


Cloudy Apple Cider

ABV 5.5%

Freshly pressed apple juice

A super refreshing cloudy cider made from locally sourced Adelaide Hills freshly pressed apple juice, brewed with brewer’s yeast. This cider is one for the grown-ups to enjoy.


Mid Strength

ABV 3.4% / 76 IBU

Moorish, tropical and refreshing

Easy drinking mid-strength Pale Ale. Clean, crisp with a hint of pineapple aroma. Medium body and bitterness, akin to a full-strength beer.


American Pale Ale

ABV 4.8% / 52 IBU

Oozing aromas and intensely fruity

A refreshing Pale Ale with hop aromas reminiscent of oranges, tangerines and tropical fruit. Medium body and bitterness for a dry finish.


Red Double IPA

ABV 7.9% / 60 IBU

Tropical fruit, bold, malty and dangerously good

Based on the ‘American Imperial Double Red Ale’ this beer has creamy thick head and is wonderfully red. Well balanced and full bodied with a big dry hop creating an intense fruit bowl of hop aroma and flavours.


Summer Ale

ABV 4.8% / 28 IBU

A refreshing, smooth and delicate hop flavour

Refreshing summer ale, beautifully balanced with moderate bitterness and citrus kick. The perfect beer for drinking and relaxing in the sunshine.


ABV 4.1% / 55 IBU

Tropical, sessionable and refreshing.

A quaffable Session Ale with a fresh, fruity and tropical hop aroma and flavour.  A dry finish with a balanced malt body. Medium body and bitterness.


ABV 6.6% / 55 IBU

Juicy, fruity hops and haze.

Juicy and hazy for big mouth feel, loaded with hops for lots of citrusy, fruity flavours and aromas. Medium-full body and balancing medium bitterness.


West Coast IPA

ABV 7.2% / 76 IBU

Moreish, tropical and refreshing, bitterness kick

Super smooth and gorgeously gold in colour, this beer is the hoppiest of them all. A dangerously easy to drink West Coast IPA, with a moderate bitterness in the back palate leaving you wanting more.



ABV 6% / 45 IBU

Dark, Hoppy and refreshing

A balanced, dark in style ale with coffee and chocolate malty aroma and flavour complimented by resinous, citrusy hops.

Core Bottle Range



ABV 5.5% / 38 IBU

Tropical fruit and quaffable

A drinkable full bodied pale ale, moderately hopped with tropical Australian hops, making this an easy all well rounded all year beer.


American Style Ale

ABV 5% / 33 IBU

Toasty malt with a pinch of hop

As the name describes, this beer is beautifully amber in colour. Delicious biscuit, malty flavours along with beautiful subtle American hop aromas.


ABV 7.9% / 60 IBU

Tropical fruit, bold, malty and dangerously good

A double hoppy Red Ale that won us ‘World’s Best Beer’ in 2016. Malty and full bodied, balanced by intense fruity hop flavours and assertive bitterness.


Summer Ale

ABV 4.8% / 28 IBU

A refreshing, smooth and delicate hop flavour

Refreshing summer ale, beautifully balanced with moderate bitterness and citrus kick. The perfect beer for drinking and relaxing in the sunshine.

Speciality Brews and Festival beers on tap

The Evil Piper

ABV 8% | 84 IBU

West Coast Double IPA

A dry Double IPA fermented with cherry juice.

An all Australian strong Ale using local grains, hops, fresh Adelaide Hills Cherry juice and old style Melbourne yeast. Red in colour with a good dose of tart cherry flavours blended with fruity and citrusy hops. Fermented out dryer for a nice crisp finish.


Double Zeppelin

ABV 8% | 70 IBU

Hazy Double IPA

Hazy, Juicy with lots of hop aroma and flavour.

Juicy texture with lots of fruity and citrusy hops on full display but with a soft bitterness. Full body with a silky mouthfeel and deceptively easy drinking.


Baltic Uprising

ABV 8.5% | 40 IBU

In 1806 Continental Blockade by Napoleon slowed the flow of Imperial Stout from Britain to the Baltic. This Hastened Baltic Brewers to refine their own version using cold fermentation, resulting in a smooth, strong, dark beer brewed with lager yeast.


Hunt for Red Velvet

ABV 9.6% | 62 IBU

Dark Imperial Red

Developed for GABS 2017, touted as a long-range flying carpet, propelled by a new, top secret fuel, codenamed Black Forest Cake Liquor, because that’s what it tastes like. Awarded Gold at the London International Beer Challenge. We’re bringing back the Hunt for Red Velvet once a year, a very limited edition.


Miss Kitty

ABV 4.8% | 26 IBU


Miss Kitty, the Saloon boss has been spooking around the brewer’s head for a long time. Miss Kitty is dark and alluring with a refreshing personality. A Black Lager styled on a traditional German ‘Schwarzbier’, with roasted flavours, a low bitterness making it perfect for a winters evening.


Purity Session IPA

ABV 4.5%

A moreish, vegan friendly session IPA, brimming with tropical fruit notes and hop aromas. Brewed with Maris Otter, Vienna and Golden Naked Oats, the generously hopped with Simcoe, Eureka and Mosaic. Brewed under licence by Prancing Pony Brewery.

The Imposter

ABV 6.5% | Moderate to high bitterness moderate to full bitterness – 67 IBU

The straw pale colour of this IPA betrays the intense flavour that is to come. Be greeted by ripe orange and juicy fruit aromas followed by flavours of orange marmalade, pineapple and ripe strawberries. The fresh citrusy hop oils are balanced by a malty body. Bitterness raises gently to an assertive level followed by dry finish. An extremely drinkable and refreshing strong ale.

Black Polaris

ABV 6.5% | Moderate to full bitterness – 60 IBU

Like and icy, mint coated chocolate bar. This Black IPA conjures up images of having found the elusive mint bush in a cold, wet pine forest, with a cup of hot chocolate in one hand, and the smell the rainwater dripping down the leaves from that eucalypt tree nearby. Supported nicely by malt flavours of dry roasted malt, coffee and coco. Nice creamy mouthfeel, followed by bitter and dry finish.

Hop My Chinook

ABV 5.5% | Moderate bitterness – 40 IBU

A hop-forward, awesomely delicious Amber Ale. Made from Coopers Ale Speciality malt, blended with some Cara for caramel, toasty and roasted flavours and a deep amber colour. Hop flavours of citrus, peach, apricot and pineapple with a touch or resinous flavours come from the use of Chinook, Eureka and Denali, with hops added mainly in the whirlpool and for dry hopping. The end result is a slightly drier mouthfeel so the hop can shine through.


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