Our Beers

What we brew and How we brew?

We are an ‘all grain and all hop’ brewery, which means we brew our beers using  malt, hops, yeast and water, only. We draw our inspiration from traditional recipes for many of our beers and for others, we incorporate our own interpretation of a beer style and we may add non-traditional hops, unusual malts or we simply experiment with brewing and fermenting technologies.  Common to all our beers is our intend to create long and lingering flavours, beers of high standard and quality and beers that will be remembered.

From our session Pilsener to our full expedition strength Stout, there is a beer for almost everybody and once you have found a favorite, it is quite possible that it will be replaced by your next favorite Pony.

All of our beers have won medals and trophies however, the pinnacle for us was winning   ‘Supreme Champion Trophy’ at the International Beer Challenge in London in 2016 for our India Red Ale and best small Australian Brewery in 2015.

Beer production – unfiltered and untamed, 

“We brew our beers traditionally, applying the principle of creating big flavours from the basic beer ingredients.  We don’t add preservatives or adjuncts and we dont use any animal products in our beer making process. We don’t filter them either, so all the good stuff stays in.

Originally, Frank engineered our a 10 HL brewhouse and when we reached capacity, it was passed on to newcomers to the Craft Beer Industry and we installed a State of the Art, German engineered, 30HL semi-automated, 3 brew-vessel, Braukon brewhouse. We are proud to be part of the Braukon family of brewers world-wide and our brewers love brewing beer using this highly efficient equipment.

We believe that well-brewed beers needs to be packaged well, with quality and  freshness in mind, so it made sense to match our brewing equipment with high quality packaging equipment. In 2017, we installed a 12 head counter pressure Leibinger bottling line and a Renner labelling machine.

At the Pony all bottling and kegging is done in-house, so all processes are controlled. Beers delivered outside SA are shipped using refrigerated transport and we rather ship smaller amounts more frequently to ensure that our beers arrive fresh.

We take a lot of care to create the best and freshest and to guarantee a great flavour experience we suggest serving our bees at 6 degrees and definitely poured into a clean and cool glass.

We love making the beers we hope you do too.

Core Range


Tasting Notes

4.1% ABV


Moderate to full bitterness 55 IBU

Straw coloured and super easy drinking and refreshing. Fruity and tropical hop aroma and flavours. Hop derived citrus, passion fruit, mango, melon and berries, with some piney undertones. A nice subtle sweet malt body in this 4.2% ABV session ale, finishing with a refreshing bitterness and a long-lasting flavour with a dry finish. The Pony calls it ‘the never-ending session ale’.


Tasting Notes

ABV 6.6%

Moderate bitterness- 56 IBU

First, we dream, then we make the story and then we make the beer. Like this one, juicy and hazy with lots of fruity and citrusy flavours derived from hops and pale malt only. This strong, yet refreshing NE IPA would have been served only on First Class on Zeppelin flights between Berlin and Tokyo. Pity it was not invented back then. Watch out, the Zeppelin is back, coming soon to a sky near you.


The Pony says, "Make me a fruitbowl."

Tasting Notes

4.8% Alc.


28 IBU

A refreshing and thirst quencing Summer Ale made from 100% pilsener malt and hopped six times with only citrusy hops, producing lychee, mango, pineapple, orange and melon characters.

Straw coloured, light malt sweetness, moderate bitterness with a citrus kick and dry finish yet long in flavour.


The Pony says "I am plotting my next move"

Tasting Notes

4.8% Alc.


25 IBU

The unmistakable pony brand of the infinite long flavour. An exceptionally smashable APA with uncanny blend of hops, oozing aromas of oranges, followed by an excursion through the fruit orchard.

Intense tangerine flavours, hints of honey melon, mango and pine. The hop bitterness raises and lingers smoothly for a thousand years.


The Pony says ‘This pony is dark and can’t be seen at night’

Tasting Notes

6% Alc. 3 times hopped

Moderate bitterness 35 IBU

This dark ale is between an ‘American Black Ale’ and ‘American Stout’ according to British Ale Style Guide. Designed with reduced burned roast astringency and low on dry roast bitterness finishing normally found in stouts, this Black Ale has been crafted with a balanced towards rich roasted malty flavours, coffee, chocolate, liquorice and molasses. Late, lingering with moderate bitterness to balance the initial sweetness.

A big body yet light and easy to drink. Ideally matched with slow cooked meat dishes like shanks, beef cheeks, stews and bakes, this ale is also a favourite with desserts.


The Pony says ‘The spicy aroma lingers and makes the Pony frisky behind the shed’

Tasting Notes

(5.5% Alc.), 4 times hopped

Low to moderate bitterness, 28 IBU

A rich, dark-golden colour with lots of head, malt aroma and big hop flavours. The emphasis is on hop, malt and fruity flavours. A full flavoured, rich ale without the high bitterness of some more assertive American Pale ales. Definitely a ‘bigger’ ale than the ‘Blonde Ale’ and favoured by those who appreciate a fuller but balanced flavour profile. Also four-times hopped with more late hop additions in the boil and fermented with American Ale style yeast for more fruity notes. This goes well with full flavour Asian dishes, fish, seafood and chicken dishes.


The Pony says ‘This will blow the rust of the brewshed roof'

Tasting Notes

5% Alc., 6-times hopped

Moderate bitterness, 33 IBU

Rich amber colour with lots of malt aroma and hop flavours. The style is based on ‘American Amber’. A malty Amber ale with citrus and resinous hop characters. Designed to have good body yet light and easy with ‘long’ flavours and lingering late bitterness. This ale is six-times hopped with American and Australian hops and fermented with ale yeast. The perfect ale to share with pasta and steak or hearty home-style cooked meals.


The Pony says ‘I always knew they’re hiding more hops in the thatched roof, finally they got them out for some nice dry-hopping’

Tasting Notes

7.9% Alc., 4 times hot hopped and dry hopped

Moderate to full bitterness 60 IBU

This ale is based on ‘American Imperial Double Red Ale’ according to the British Ale Style Guide. With a dark red brownish colour, a firm creamy head and lots of fruity aromas on the nose, this ale has a big, malty body with late bitterness. The Red has been crafted with big dry hop aromas coming through from citrusy and tropical fruity hop varieties. With late lingering bitterness it is in perfect harmony with the fruity hop aromas. This Thoroughbred goes well with Asian and Curry dishes and presents well when matched to blue cheeses and smoked meats.

New and Seasonal Range


Tasting Notes

7.2% ABV


76 IBU

The Piper IPA is our special release West Coast IPA. Brew process by Kai, brewed by Eden, kegged by Darcy and recipe by Frank. It’s our ‘amongst ourselves collaboration brew’ and hoppiest beer we Ponies ever made, but so super smooth that we pretty much drank the first keg ‘amongst ourselves’. Gorgeously gold in colour with steady carbonation. Aroma and flavour full of fresh hops and is strong on grapefruit, pineapple, apricot and plum, pineapple also shining through with dank pine notes from the dry hop. Very refreshing and unbelievably moreish hides alcohol dangerously well. Full bodied with a dry finish and lingering bitterness on the back palate.


Tasting Notes

ABV 6.6%

Moderate to full bitterness – 60 IBU

The Pagan’s Empire is an Imperial Pale Ale based on 25% Rye Malt and hopped in the boil and dry hopped with three different American hops.

A single IPA with a good dose of Rye to give the beer a solid malt backbone. Flavours of roasted pumpernickel grunted up with lingering flavours of resinous hops.

The Pony says ‘This beer is like a scene out of the early days of human life, when we had just domesticated dogs and tasted our first sip of unrefined beer.  Dancing around the fire, the early dude are wondering what beer would taste like in another 5,000 years.’


Spring and Summer

Tasting Notes

ABV 4.8%


Moderate bitterness – 36 IBU

The Indie Kid Pilsner is a Pilsner reflecting our independence as a craft beer producer, our investment into SA jobs including our investment into two apprentices and the integrity of our award-winning beers (you cannot hide mistakes in a Pilsner).

This delicious traditional Pilsner is made with untraditional hops and is the perfect beer for quenching your thirst.

Crisp and clean and very easy to drink.


Autumn and Winter

Tasting Notes

ABV 9%

Full bitterness – 50 IBU

An exceptional expedition strength Imperial Stout. Velvety smooth like a magic carpet, pitch dark like a moonless night. Quite probably, this extra long flavour ride will take you to the eternal Stout Nirvana where the gods of malt will put your weary soul to rest.

This Pony is enlightening and it quietly whispers, “Dude, it’s so smooth”.

Speciality Brews and Festival beers on tap

The Imposter

ABV 6.5% | Moderate to high bitterness moderate to full bitterness – 67 IBU


The straw pale colour of this IPA betrays the intense flavour that is to come. Be greeted by ripe orange and juicy fruit aromas followed by flavours of orange marmalade, pineapple and ripe strawberries. The fresh citrusy hop oils are balanced by a malty body. Bitterness raises gently to an assertive level followed by dry finish. An extremely drinkable and refreshing strong ale.

Black Polaris

ABV 6.5% | Moderate to full bitterness – 60 IBU


Like and icy, mint coated chocolate bar. This Black IPA conjures up images of having found the elusive mint bush in a cold, wet pine forest, with a cup of hot chocolate in one hand, and the smell the rainwater dripping down the leaves from that eucalypt tree nearby. Supported nicely by malt flavours of dry roasted malt, coffee and coco. Nice creamy mouthfeel, followed by bitter and dry finish.

The Zeppelin

ABV 6.6% | Moderate bitterness – 56 IBU


First, we dream, then we make the story and then we make the beer. Like this one, juicy and hazy with lots of fruity and citrusy flavours derived from hops and pale malt only. This strong, yet refreshing NE IPA would have been served only on First Class on Zeppelin flights between Berlin and Tokyo. Pity it was not invented back then. Watch out, the Zeppelin is back, coming soon to a sky near you.

Hop My Chinook

ABV 5.5% | Moderate bitterness – 40 IBU

A hop-forward, awesomely delicious Amber Ale. Made from Coopers Ale Speciality malt, blended with some Cara for caramel, toasty and roasted flavours and a deep amber colour. Hop flavours of citrus, peach, apricot and pineapple with a touch or resinous flavours come from the use of Chinook, Eureka and Denali, with hops added mainly in the whirlpool and for dry hopping. The end result is a slightly drier mouthfeel so the hop can shine through.


A Pony

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