National Indie Beer Day

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Saturday was not just a celebration about beer but an opportunity, no matter where you were across the nation to come together for one purpose. In celebration of Australian independent breweries the Independent Brewers Association has earmarked Saturday 26th September as the inaugural National Indie Beer Day and at At Prancing Pony Brewery we raised our glasses.

“The day was a collective brainstorm of all the members of the Independent Brewers Association,” says Corinna Steeb of Prancing Pony Brewery, located just outside of Mt Barker.

“We felt that we needed to campaign a little bit stronger to make people aware who makes the beer that they drink and create more awareness around who is and isn’t an independent brewer.”

“Around the world there is a movement of people who want to know who makes their food and who makes their beer. So I encourage people to read the labels – just like you would with food labels. Do it for drinks. Check out who makes your beer, and who you are supporting.” says Corinna.

“For us it’s been really important – we were one of the first to drive consumer awareness that if you support your indie brewer you’re supporting your local community. We’ve got 26 employees, most with kids and mortgages. Let’s support them rather than supporting a multinational.”

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