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Winter Solstice

Double Black Beer Launch Winter Solstice

Double Black Launch X Winter Solstice

Join us for the new Double Black Launch, and our annual Winter Solstice tradition. This is a free event, with our regular dining menu – just even more fun!

About the Double Black Cascadian:
Darker than the dark side of the Moon. Rich dark and roasted malt flavours dominate at first. Then, a second Moon appears, popping out of a Super Nova hop explosion, illuminating the finer aspects of the malt by the dazzling shining citrusy hops.

About Winter Solstice:
Winter Solstice (Yule) is a traditional celebration of the ‘sun’s rebirth’. The winter solstice is the day of the year that has the least daylight hours of any in the year. Celebrations honour the symbols of fire, life and the rising sun and moon 🌙

For Frank and Corinna, Winter Solstice has a special meaning. It was celebrated by gathering around a huge log fire, sharing the last apple of the year, and a symbolic burning of the ‘straw witch’ to cast away all the dark things in life, and to look for a new start. They’ve upheld the tradition at the Pony for the past 10 years, burning a straw witch every Solstice 🔥

We invite you to celebrate with us and encourage you to write something that you’d like to wish away, before pinning the note on the witch.

👉 Marshmallow roasting will be available for the kids.
👉 We will have mead wines and Glühwein (German mulled wine) and Gin Hot Chocolates.

When: Saturday 18 June 2022
Time: The bonfire will be going all day, and at 6.30pm we will start burning the witch 🧙
Where: Prancing Pony Brewery, 42 Mount Barker Road, TOTNESS SA 5250 (4 min from Hahndorf) 

Please make a reservation using our booking widget, call the brewery on 08 8398 3881 or click the link below to book online.



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