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At the Pony, we care about our local community. We see communities as people who are not just our local folk but includes the wider beer drinking community. This is also relevant to the arts, music, support workers, the tradies and our business community. They all have a place in our brewery and in our hearts.

When times get tough, we don’t ask what we can get, but what we can give. Previously we have assisted the farming community in drought-stricken Queensland with our ‘No grain No beer’ campaign. Raised funds and awareness for the bushfire victims through our Resilience beer. We went global, raising funds to supply clean water in Malawi, a joint effort with our friends at Brewgooders. Each Friday we hold an old-fashioned meat raffle to raise funds for local charity. We do this because we care about our community.

For us it has been devastating to hear and see the closures all over the country, especially with Victoria being affected in such a cruel way. Naturally, our thoughts are with Victoria. We don’t like it how the media channels seemingly divide the country, how hate takes hold and inward, selfish thinking takes over. Now, more than ever we need to have a united front and one that knows no borders. I am sure that the virus does not stop at the border either.

We have decided to open the borders in our own way with a Beers without Borders tap takeover.

As a first in this campaign, Corinna from Prancing Pony Brewery contacted Dereck from Bad Shepherd Brewing Co. in Victoria and told him we would like to have their beers on tap in the Brewshed. We also suggested putting together a pallet to send to Kyle from Alice Springs Brewing Co and them getting involved to pour some of their beers as well.

We now have Bad Shepherd kegs on site and as of Friday (14 August) Prancing Pony Brewery will be pouring some of Bad Shepherd’s finest from the Pony Brewshed, in a tap takeover. For Bad Shepherd fans you will be able to have a pint of their Hazelnut Brown, Hazy DIPA or American Pale.

It may not be much but it’s about reaching out and letting everyone know that beer has no borders, and neither does friendship.

You can grab your pint from:
August at Prancing Pony Brewery, from Friday, available on tap from 14 August
August at Alice Springs Brewing Co, available on tap from Monday, 17

Check out an article by Crafty Pint here:


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