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Prancing Pony Brewery | Great Beers, Great Food‎

This herd of ponies know a thing or two about long flavoured beers with bold, big malt flavours and amazing hop aromas that tickle your senses.

Head brewer, Frank Samson is forever on the hunt for the next brew sensation. He has had along association with brewing having brought this tradition with him from Germany. Working closely with his team, he strives to ensure traditions and innovations are upheld and passed on…

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Rock Quiz is back – Saturday 14th November

Finally, Rock Quiz is back! The long-awaited Pony Rock Quiz will be held at Pony on the 14th of November. Hailed by those that know as the best event in the Adelaide Hills, you can show off your knowledge about all things about Rock and Roll, Blues & Soul. We may even throw a few Pony questions in the mix as well.

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